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Clutch Bearing

clutch bearingJolly Industries hold specialisation in huge production of Clutch Bearing for most of vehicles and machines in India. These Bearings are corrosion resistant durable bearings similar to roller bearings; however these support rotation of tools in one direction only. We use high quality raw materials and advanced technology to produce the bearings. We also manufacture customized models of the bearings to meet our customers’ requirement regarding its specific designs and dimensions. Our Standard Clutch Bearings match with usual and global components produced other brands and can replace them easily. We produce high quality components with international standard at competitive and economical rates.

Usefulness of clutch bearings

These bearing are available in different dimensions for certain requirements. They support many vehicles including two wheeler, four wheeler, and several others machine. They are appropriate for operational in a wide range of machinery and tools. Chain Pulleys, Exercising Machines, and Engineering equipment also take benefits of our clutch bearings. They support easy functioning of clutch tools and machines they are installed in. We ensure their hardness through ultrasonic testing. Our components support heavy radial loads with proper alignment. These bearing are available at genuine rates at our industry.

We as the prime manufacturer of supply Clutch Bearing to all major application units in India. Finally we introduce the innovative clutch bearings, the company is constantly developing its bearing design to come up with benefits of cutting edge technology and cost effective solutions in its products. These niche components are corrosion resistant and execute well even on high speed with ease. We satisfy our valued customers by providing them unmatched creativity as well as outstanding modern technical ability in our reliable quality bearings. Moreover, we deliver the utmost levels of precision, flexibility and much cost effectiveness in bulk making that customers get maximum benefits. We are devoted to incorporate further expansion through continual superiority in manufacturing, design and quality initiatives.

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