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Micro Bearing

micro-thrust-bearingJolly Industries are also a renowned Indian manufacturer as well as supplier of micro bearings. It is producing wide range of the bearings starting from 4 mm to 35 mm in bore diameter. The bearings support low to high speed functioning in small sized machines and tools that are based on electrical, electronics, and engineering industries. We produce both standard and customized types of these parts for our clients. These components are however small in size but quite reliable and economical for running several gadgets perfectly. They are available with Teflon or Rubber seals. They are mainly fitted in small tools, toys, and machines. Remote controlled cars, jeeps, and helicopters too contain such type of the components.

In robotics they play crucial roles to move or rotate various parts of robotic machines. They replace bushings through minimizing the amount of contact between rotating parts in micro motors. These bearings are meant for use in many Dental and Surgical drills, Aircraft instruments, and Fax plus Photostat machines. We also manufacture customized micro-bearings as per our customers’ requirement. The components contain all elements that are present in a normal bearing however they are formed at high precision with all outstanding qualities. We produce micro bearing with fair and genuine rates.