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Needle Roller Bearing

ONeedle Roller Bearing Jolly industries are expert in manufacturing Needle Roller Bearing in masses.  They contain cylindrical rollers that create friction less rotational movements of tools and machines around an axis. The cylindrical rollers generally have smaller diameter relative to their length. Then the smooth ends of the rollers  help better running in the raceways. However low cross section of the rollers support heavy loads. The bearings show its suitability for fittings in limited radial space. Jolly Industries produces several series of the Needle Roller Bearings classified on their special size and capacity that further support. Our industry manufactures single row or double row Needle Roller Bearings. The bearings with caged rollers support the applications at high speed. Radial Needle Bearings contain row of the cylindrical rollers parallel to their axis while thrust Needle Bearings are generally flat and they have radial pattern of the rollers.

Roles of needle roller bearings

Our Needle Roller Bearing is consumed in many industries mainly including Automobile, Engineering, Agriculture equipment, Machine and Tools, Electrical Appliances, Power generation, Robotics, Space, Defense, Railways, and many others like this. These bearings are incredible parts of several tools including Gear Pumps, Tele-handlers, Cranes, Earth Movers, Hydraulic Pumps, Steel based furniture, Piston Connecting Rods, and many other items. Our products are entirely suitable for compact designs of several tools and machines. They require low maintenance under their proper lubrication. Our needle roller bearings can replace other same type of bearing produced by other brand. These are available at affordable prices in markets. Our engineers are quite expert to produce any customized needle roller bearings as per our customers demand. Ultimately, Needle roller bearings make use of rolling elements plus offer high rigidity as well as suitability for pivoting motion.

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