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Signs of bearing damage and measures to avoid premature bearing failure

Feb 22, 2017

Failure in bearing leads to the causes of lost productivity. It is better to learn about possible problem causing factors and stop them since bearings have substantial service life under normal operating functioning. Improper film of lubrication between direct metals is one of the reasons of bearings failures occur due to overheating or sometimes dirt, dust contaminates substances.

Furthermore, misalignment(shaft or housing) capacity of installation or shaft deflection which could be warped, tilted, skewed etc results in excessive operation temperatures and abrasive corrosion (rust) or particle contamination. Mishandling will result in early rolling bearing failure so better is to take steps when installation is to clean all mating surfaces, give firm support in housings and require a tight fit in the inner rings.

Various solutions are available to mitigate the effects of unplanned frequent breakdown on bearings life. Calculations determining the bearing’s mounting, handling and maintenance should be taken into consideration for ultimate performance and avoid additional cost.

General recommendations:

  • Provide great care to bearings in clean surroundings
  • Always keep lubricants clean when applying and use the correct amount
  • While mounting on a shaft, the force should be exerted against the inner ring slowly and evenly
  • Correct the source to avoid vibration and noise
  • Tight internal elements
  • Choose the right type of bearing for your application
  • Repair or replace overloaded bearings

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