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Thrust Bearing: Varieties To Count On For Help And Multiple Uses

Nov 15, 2017

Nowadays, there is a growing demand of rotary bearing, among which, Thrust bearing leads the chart.  Just like other forms of bearings, this type can permit rotation between multiple parts. However, the main function of this bearing is to support the predominantly axial load. These bearings comprise of multiple uses, especially in the field of automotive. Some examples of their uses are associated with bar stools and lazy susans. However, you a have the liberty to use these items for anything you want, which needs smooth rotation.

Varieties to work with:

Well, this kind of bearing is known to be available in the multiple varieties. So, before you plan to invest money on any particular bearing, ensure to get along with the available varieties first:

  • Thrust ball bearings: This is one of the major varieties of this bearing. It is composed of bearing balls, which are primarily supported by ring. It can be used in some of the low thrust applications, where you are able to come up with little axial load.
  • Tapered roller bearing: This is another variety and comprises of small tapered rollers. These are arranged well so that axes can converge at one point of bearing. It is mandatory to calculate the length or roller, diameter of the narrow and wide end of bearings and the roller angles for providing correct taper. It will help each end to run smoothly on the face of bearing without any skidding. These are primarily used in automotive areas and in pairs for accommodating axial thrust and radial loads. They are able to support great load due to larger contact area. However, these varieties are no doubt expensive.
  • Cylindrical thrust bearings: This variety comprises of small cylindrical shaped rollers, which are arranged flat with axes, as pointed to bearing axis. It helps in presenting good carrying capacity and are reasonable to purchase. This bearing can wear down because of friction and radial speed, which is somewhat higher than ball bearings.
  • Spherical roller bearings: These bearings are available using asymmetrical rollers of sphere shape. It can roll inside house washer with raceway with spherical inner shape. These are made after combining axial loads and combined radial loads. Furthermore, these bearings can accommodate misalignment of shafts. These are primarily used together with radial spherical roller bearing. This bearing can offer highest load rating density of thrust bearings.
  • Magnetic bearing: Here, the axial thrust is well supported on magnetic field. It is used for high speeds or low drag. You can take example of zippe type centrifuge, while working on magnetic bearing.
  • Fluid bearings: In this segment, the axial thrust is supported o thin pressurized liquid layer. These are used for producing low drag.

Common industries to use:

Well, the Thrust bearing is commonly used in marine, automotive and aerospace applications. You can even use these bearings in tail, and main rotor blade grips of the radio controlled helicopters. Sometimes, these bearings are used in cars for their forward gears in some of the modernized gearboxes. It aids noise reduction and smoothness an let axial forces deal with it.

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