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Welcome To The World Of Best Quality Bearings Produced By Jolly Industries

Jolly Industries are a Leading renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of precision Bearings in India. The company has over 25 years experience in producing comprehensive range of Steel and Chrome Bearings with different sizes and capacities. Thrust, Clutch, and Kingpin Bearings are some predominant products of our industry. We also manufacture Submersible Pump Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings. We are specialized in manufacturing both Standard as well as Customized range of the products. Our industry has built its niche in the world’s vast industry of manufacturing the components since founded by Mr Naresh Goyal in 1988. The Ludhiana, also known as The North Indian Industrial Hub, based Industry produces a wide range of the items starting from 10 mm to 400 mm Bore Diameter. Regular devotion, farsightedness, and hardworking made us a renowned manufacture of the items. We make Ball, Spherical, Needle, Micro, Single Direction, and Double Direction Thrust Bearings types along with many other kinds of bearings.

We blend our creativity and research in developing perfect designs for the Bearings. We rely on our high tech Machinery for manufacturing and testing qualities of our innovative Bearings. They make friction-less and smooth applications of rotations for many machines and tools. We are committed to provide excellent quality products to our clients and suppliers for their entire satisfaction. We have all modern research facilities to invent advanced features for our products. It is constituted in our policy that we provide entire information about our products, quality control, engineering capabilities, courteous customer care, and economical Bearings with high qualities.

Our Bearings are quite useful for several applications in machines of many industries. These compact products are fitted to manufacture automobiles, petrol/diesel/gas based engines, Electric motors, Power generators, Power presses, Lathes, Milling, Drilling, and Turning machines, Agricultural equipment, Engineering works, Cranes, Hydraulic pumps, Submersible Pump Sets, Furniture making, Defense, Railways, Mining, Ship and Aviation, and Space Industry.Furthermore, our bearings also play their crucial role in modern Food Processing industry, CNC Machines, and Textile Industry.

Our clients rely on our High Quality products that enhance productivity and performance of several applications at their industries. These make noiseless and vibration free operations of machines. These also support heavy duty loads with ease. The products support numerous small, medium, and large scale industries. Our Thrust Ball Bearings are quite useful for axial rotations even at high speed. They are well lubricated to function well. They can be however also easily lubricated with standard grease and lubricating oils for their exceptional performance and maintenance at regular basis. These components are presently used in many industries running in India and across the world. We appreciate queries from our dealers, suppliers, and retailers about our products. It makes us being motivated and active in the industry for developing modern qualities of our products.

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