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Technical information about the remarkable bearings

Technology revolution has lead to the top notch inventions matching observations with needs. Proper installation in motor frame can lead to high performance in the mechanism to get work done. Bearings components for relative movement between surfaces provide mechanically support to electrical systems while lubrication & cleanliness play a significant role in to keep the […]


Welcome to the world of Prime Quality Bearings manufactured by Jolly Industries

Jolly Industries, is a well identified name in manufacturing and supplying an extensive array of thrust bearings in Ludhiana, Punjab (India). It is one of the most principal brands in India, Jolly industries add in enriching the value of well engineered mechanical equipment, used and produced in different areas, with their ultimate production of bearings. The significant standard of manufacturing makes each thrust bearing prove the exceptional quality as well as the pride of the company.

Thrust Bearing is very distinct from traditional accepted bearings, it is a “Rolling-Element” type rotary bearing. The ideal design facilitates the thrust bearing to gain control over the axial load. They do not completely support the rotation of radial or perpendicular loads on an axis yet they empower friction less overall rotation along the linear directions to an axis. Such bearings absorb back and forth forces together with prevent vibration along an axis which is produced during high or low speed rotation of a load on an axis. Double direction thrust bearing supports both clockwise as well as anticlockwise simultaneous rotations of loads on an axis. Thrust bearings are categorized based on their diverse fundamental rotating components such as balls, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, and needle rollers. Thrust bearings are available in different sizes and capacity to support various tools that move on an axis.

These most stable and durable bearings only need a well lubricated environment to work with their full efficiency under right temperature without any noise even at high speed rotation of the loads on an axis they share. The best quality raw material used in the mass production of thrust bearings makes them stand at an extra ordinary rank in the competitive market. While using high grade steel, chrome, and brass for the production, it has been made cost effective for the national as well as international markets. However, there has been made no compromise with the quality of thrust bearings at any parameter to meet the international standards. These components are made at the international standard size and dimensions, thus they can efficiently replace the bearings built by other manufacturers. Furthermore, a preference of customized production is also possible, where the design, measurements, size and everything is done as per the specifications of the clients..

There are varied types of Thrust Bearings extensively used at numerous places; one of them is thrust ball bearing. This product constitute ring supported ball bearing with grooved washers (raceways) on both sides. Size and number of the balls may different from bearing to bearing depending upon their size. They are broadly used in application which has low thrust with a low axial load.The other type of thrust bearing with high demand in today’s market is the spherical roller thrust bearing. The inner shape of this bearing is spherical and they are familiar for their great rating of load among all the other bearings..

The thrust cylindrical roller bearing is the next far used bearing in industries where the demand is huge for heavy loads at moderate speed. In such bearings the cylindrical rollers rolls in a metallic frame that incorporates slots to house the rollers. The Tapered roller bearing is the later unique designed bearing in the series of highly demanded thrust bearings. This component has tapered Cylindrical Rollers in a metallic frame. They are structured and produced to hold up abundant radial loads on an axis to twist or revolve.

The thrust needle roller bearing is one more instance of differently designed thrust bearings. This product accommodates small cylindrical needles that move in a metallic frame. The cylindrical rollers are generally longer in contrast to its diameter or thickness. These parts are valuable to support either axial or radial loads and keep high rigidity. The components with Needle Rollers parallel to axis take minimum axial space for its fitting on it. They typically support heavy axial loads at low speed.

The single and the double direction thrust bearings are two different types which are made to meet the peculiar needs of various industries. In single direction, the product commonly has one circular row of balls/needles or cylindrical rollers. They guide rotation of axial loads also movements in single clockwise or anticlockwise direction at a time. In the double direction, products have two rows of the rollers with a common middle washer that contains circular groves on its both sides. Such components are convenient to operate loads along with movements in both clockwise plus anticlockwise directions at a particular time; thus, double direction bearings name is given to them.

Thrust Bearings are truly supportive for a majority of industries in today’s world. The idea behind the successful business of Jolly industries is to look far into future where the development of miscellaneous industries would be many hundred times greater than now. The functional and flexible nature of producing different thrust bearings will always keep the Jolly industry stand as an unbeatable top brand in national and international markets.

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    Jolly Industries, an ISO certified company is a Preeminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Ball and Roller Bearings in India


    Jolly Industries Manufacture a collection of Small, Medium, and Heavy Duty Bearings with marvelous qualities of hardness and noise free mild revolutions


    We build bearings that always yield best services. We aim to grant sound fulfillment to our Customers based on its trustworthy durable performance


    We manufacture as per demands and dedicated to reliable quality to provide Entire Satisfaction to our Customers keeping bearings rigidity for best usage



JOLLY INDUSTRIES are committed to make magnificent quality Bearings for its customers. Since 1988, Bearing Manufacturing has been our sole business. We have obtained substantial rise in the industry for quality products. High quality raw materials with high tech machinery are used for manufacturing the stock preserving best qualities of our items since our beginning and keen on enhancing it on a regular basis. We test our products on certain parameters that are parallel to international quality standards.


We always add new and advanced features for getting more perfection in qualities of our bearings. We work on upgrading hardness of the rollers that are used in making several Bearings. Ball and Roller Bearings with enhanced specs are delivered to our suppliers by our company. We also manufacture Customized Bearings for our customers’ requirements. We know that our experience, creativity and research are quite necessary for supporting our modern business and industrial growth.


Jolly Industries has satisfactory infrastructure and space for supporting mass production of Bearings. It has all high technology based machinery and brilliant experienced manpower team of engineers, technicians, and manufacturing professionals for testing qualities of the bearings on various parameters. The testing machines include Coordinate Measuring Equipment, Roundness Tester, and Rockwell Hardness Tester.It has good transport facilities for timely delivery of its products in national as well as internal markets successfully.